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For Booking Information Call 281-383-2286 email tgmess@aol.com

The State of Texas incorporated the Gospel Messengers
Ministry as a non-profit organization March 11, 1981.

The Gospel Messengers
are members of:



The Holy Spirit always leads us to support the local church in unity and never in division. the Lord has allowed us to minister in many different denominations, and like the Apostle Paul, we become all things to all men so that some might be saved. Our main calling is salvation for the lost! Our secondary calling is encouragement to the believer. Praise God, He allows us to do this with music and fun!

Called to Minister with traditional and Southern Gospel Music
The Gospel Messengers have traveled all over Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Kentucky, and Arkansas for the last 35 years singing and ministering with traditional Southern Gospel music in close harmony with a mixed quartet. Our call is to win the lost and encourage others with gospel music that tells of God's love and faithfulness.

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